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Welcome To The Crypto Pros Founding Member Prelaunch!

Crypto Pros is a global advertising platform providing our members with a tremendous advertising value. Advertising packs are only $2 each and give the member a 14-day banner and 14-day text ad displayed across our network.
The core of the comp plan is a 2 x 20 forced matrix, but with a twist. Each purchase of a $2 advertising pack not only gives the member a tremendous advertising value it also create a matrix position. The first matrix position will follow the members sponsor and all additional matrix positions will fall into the members own 2 x 20 matrix in the first available open position.
Crypto Pros will also pay a 100% matrix income match on all personal referrals. This can be very lucrative for the leaders in the industry that can bring in a large team.
We also know some people don't want to refer or they are still perfecting their promotion skills. To help these members we have a unique PIF system. After registration, the new member will have 14 days to purchase at least one advertising pack or their sponsor can purchase an advertising pack for their referral (PIF).
After 14 days all registered free (unpaid) members will be available for anyone to PIF them by purchasing the free member a $2 advertising pack. When members PIF from this list of email verified registered free members the person will become a personal referral for the paying member. So refer or just buy your downline, of course, this will be based on availability.
So how do you get started as a Founding Member?
We have 4 options that will allow you to secure a position prior to public launch and each will help you gain leverage in the comp plan by purchasing multiple advertising packs.
$30 - 15 advertising packs (15 matrix positions - 3 levels)
$62 - 31 advertising packs (31 matrix positions - 4 levels)
$126 - 63 advertising packs (63 matrix positions - 5 levels)
$254 - 127 advertising packs (127 matrix positions - 6 levels)

Please enter your sponsors (the person that shared this web page with you) Full Name and their Crypto Pros Username as referenced on the image below.

So click the JOIN NOW button and complete the form. We will send you a personalized Coinpayments Invoice. After you pay we will invite you to our Crypto Pros Facebook Group.

Your Sponsor Full Name: Thuswohl Dietmar
Your Sponsor Username: hitswirl

Now is only Founding Member Prelaunch, Only Facebook invite! If all goes as planned we will be fully launched by early December. Hurry Up Your Chance!
After Join you get Help in Facebook Group!(Write to your Sponsor)
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